Worth the wait. Best lawyer experience EVER.

Worth the wait. On a recommendation from a woman I met whom Amy had represented in a divorce, I consulted with Amy Rimov early in my divorce proceedings. She is not local for me. Amy gave me invaluable guidance and frankly very very kind moral support. I felt valued not just as a client but as ahuman being. I did not retain her at that time and yet she reviewed quite a bit of paperwork I needed to explain my situation and she came fully prepared and gave me ample time for us to speak in a telephone consultation. I knew if I decided to retain an attorney, she'd be my choice. At one stage, I did try to retain her but she actually couldn't take me as a client because of her caseload (she had obligations to those clients.) I respected that and frankly because she'd helped me believe in myself I managed to complete my uncontested divorce on my own as quickly as humanly possible (because my ex's personality would have made anything else an endless cost-prohibitive nightmare.) Soon after, though, I faced my ex coming after me with an afterthought legal attack with no basis in legal merit (he retained a local attorney who in my opinion took his money and brought a case he knew had no merit, most likely because my ex as his client was too focused on revenge to listen to reason. (That attorney even stated in his opening argument that he lacked the elements to make a case!) I didn't want to do this alone, but I saw slim pickings like that among local attorneys. So went out of town again to Amy Rimov and was THRILLED that she was available to defend me. I sat back and watched her do everything right–including wisely edit my declarations to stick to the legal facts. I am grateful. Her understanding of the facts of my case, the laws and case law supporting a defense, and even her empathy of my emotional state was the best experience I've ever had with an attorney of any kind. She gets top marks in her ability to research, her knowledge and understanding, and her communication skills. It doesn't matter in court if your side is ‘right,' you absolutely have to prove it and Amy does just that. It's sweet sweet icing on the cake that she is succinct and shows her confidence and command of the courtroom as she gets right to the point. (Yet she is kind, patient, and understanding of stressed out clients who struggle with exactly that!) You want her in your corner. I highly recommend Amy Rimov and if she's unavailable and you can wait, do so.

– Anonymous