The Law Office of Amy Rimov – Serving Your Legal Needs

At our Spokane office, our firm offers a full service family law practice. We work closely with clients to provide personalized legal service that is tailored to meet their specific needs.

Some of the family law matters our firms handles include:

  • Divorce: We handle traditional divorce cases as well as collaborative divorce. We handle all issues that may arise in the course of your divorce proceedings, including property division, child custody and visitation, allocation of debt responsibility, child support, spousal support and domestic violence issues.
  • Collaborative law: A collaborative divorce could save you time and money. Visit our collaborative law page to learn more.
  • Child custody and visitation: We handle custody and visitation issues in a wide range of contexts, including divorce, mediation, paternity proceedings, modifications and child relocation disputes.
  • Child support: If you believe you are paying too much support or receiving too little support, contact our law office today for assistance. We can perform a child support calculation to see if your support is in conformity with the child support guidelines. We can also review your case to see if you have a basis for a deviation from guideline support.
  • Modifications: Disputes may arise after a divorce about child support, custody or visitation. We handle child support, custody and visitation modifications (motions for a modification of an existing court order).
  • Mediation: In Spokane County, husbands and wives involved in a divorce must attend a mediation before their case precedes to trial. Our firm represents the rights of clients in the mediation process by attending the mediation and advocating on their behalf.
  • Domestic partnerships: We represent clients seeking the dissolution of a domestic partnership or in creating living together agreements.
  • Guardianship:

At both the Spokane and Port Angeles offices, our firm is capable of tending to all estate planning and estate settlement issues you may face.

Some of the services our firm provides includes;

  • Comprehensive Estate Planning Documents
  • Trust Drafting
  • Representation of Personal Representatives in Probate
  • Representation of an Heir in Probate

To speak with a lawyer about your legal needs, contact my law office in Spokane, Washington. For assistance, call 509-835-5377, or contact me by e-mail.