Steve Recommends Amy Rimov

Amy Rimov was my divorce attorney and represented me throughout my entire divorce proceedings in 2009. She fought hard to ensure I won majority custody of my 4 children even though statistically speaking majority custody in typically in favor of the mother. She guided me in collecting the necessary evidence and assisted me during the entire process to ensure things went as seamless as possible all the while keeping my children a top priority. Amy also helped me avoid potential pitfalls and other such issues in regards to putting together a solid parenting plan that would be in the best interest of my children, which enabled me to attain stability for them over the long-run. Additionally, her diplomatic approach in assisting both parties reach a consensus proved valuable in reducing the amount of time to reach an agreement which of course led to a reduced cost for all involved.

In early 2012 my ex-wife had filed for additional time with my children claiming that “integration” had occurred because of a mistake that I made in allowing them to spend more time with her during the weekdays. After I realized the damage that if caused my children, I stopped allowing the additional time and that is when she filed for a modification of the parenting plan to request additional time permanently with my children. Although in hindsight this was clearly a mistake on my part, I didn't hesitate to contact Amy once again and see if she could assist me in clearing this matter up.

Amy fought hard to see that a previous decision made by the commissioner be overturned by a Judge, and because of her detailed analysis of the case and hard fight in court, it was overturned and we won! The implications of this case were potentially monumental due to the fact if my ex-wife had won, it would have brought her one step closer in gaining majority custody of my children costing me a substantial loss of time with my children and other untold damage to them in general. This win that Amy helped me attain has enabled my children to once again return to stability and keep the balance that we had originally had prior to this going to court. Thank you Amy for working hard for me and enabling me to property care for my children!

– Steve